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5 Best Closet Organizers for the Minimalist

Every time you open your closet organizers, you end up blinded by the four sweaters, six sweatshirts, and 10 shirts that fall every time. You’re covered with clothes from head to toe (clothes that shouldn’t be on you), and then end up stepping on a pair of heels that you wore out the night before.

It’s come to a point where you have just started throwing everything on the floor to avoid the tumultuous closet-opening experience.

Does this sound like you? If so, it may be time to look into custom closet systems and custom closet organizers that will make your life a bit simpler…and less annoying.

Keep reading to learn about the best closet organizers!

1. Use Cabinetry

Putting things into cabinets and behind closed doors tends to do a lot for the psyche. Instead of walking into a space and seeing a million colors and shapes all at once, you see a relaxed, single tone that gives the room an organized feel.

Cabinets also allow you to put some clutter into drawers or hidden away from sight if you aren’t sure what else to do with the things. For instance, the extra buttons from your clothes, the plethora of socks you have for all different occasions, and the receipts you like to keep just in case something goes wrong with your clothing, can all go into their own space.

Say goodbye to cluttered shelving and floors because of the cabinetry! Another great thing about adding cabinets is that it will give the closet a completely different feel depending on the style and color you choose.

For a classy look, choose white or black cabinets. For a more relaxed look, think about a light blue or seafoam green.

2. Add in a Leading Rack

If you’re someone who likes to see your clothes but also likes your closet to be clutter-free, a leading rack can be a great minimalist look for your closet.

A rack is also a great organizer because you can do so much with it! You can hang your dresses and shirts, sweaters, and pants. You can also organize based on style, color, clothes for work, or going-out clothes. The organization tactic is up to you!

If you choose to add in a leading rack, also adding in a mirror on the opposite side makes the space feel larger. Not to mention, it gives you a space to look at yourself in the mirror after putting on one of your favorite outfits in your organized closet!

3. Utilize the Corners

It can be easy to get lost about how to organize your closet when it’s a square box. But have you ever considered using the corners to organize?

Whether you add in shelving or a built-in bench, everything you do with closet organizers is great for the space. If you install shelving in the corner, you can make it more rounded to optimize space. Consider using this for purses, pants, or jewelry.

A little round bench in the corner can be perfect if you like to layout your clothes the previous night or if you like to sit and ponder life! It also adds a chic look to your space.

4. Add in Shoe Shelves

If you started reading this article and thought “wow, this is me,” then you definitely need to incorporate a shoe shelf as a closet organizer. Shoe shelves allow you to see all of your shoes at an angle (especially the cutely designed ones that you can’t see if you are only looking at the back). They also have a rack or rod that will hold the shoes in place.

That means you no longer have to worry about stepping on fallen shoes or having a disorganized space because your shoes won’t stay on the rack! Asking your closet organizer company to install this for you is one of the best things you can do for yourself! 

5. Incorporate Open Shelving

While not everyone loves open shelving, if you like to know what you have, or tend to only wear the same outfit over and over again, open shelving may be perfect for you.

The best part about open shelving is that you can organize the closet with baskets or bins on the shelves themselves. Whether you choose to label the bins and baskets or leave them be, they’ll add a different look to your minimalist closet.

Depending on your style, you can choose to go with metal bins, wicker bins, or plastic bins. This style opens up space for your own creativity!

You also don’t have to add the bins onto the shelves. You can add in a jewelry rack to show off your necklaces or even add some picture frames into your closet to spruce things up a bit!

Custom Closet Systems May Be the Answer You Need

If you feel as though the introduction to this article described you to a T, then looking for custom closet systems and solutions may be your answer!

The best part? We can help! Here at The Closet Doctor, our specialty is to help you organize your life (and your closet!).

You tell us what you want, and we’ll come and do that for you. 

Contact us today for a quote! And most of the time, we’ll be done with the install and your custom closet organizer in just a day!

You’ll be feeling relaxed and organized in no time.

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