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Add a Little Color to Your Home Office

The Closet Doctor has been installing home office and Murphy bed combinations for years. We have over a dozen woodgrain colors and several door styles. Most people choose the traditional colors with a traditional looking raised panel front. Don’t get me wrong they look great, they just all look the same. The other day though…

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The History of Murphy Wall Beds

I run into people every now an then that tell me about their old style Murphy Bed they had in an apartment back in the day. I came across this article on the history of the Murphy Bed. Murphy Bed History

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Garage Organizing Tips

This article has good insight on what you need to look at when planning on improving the organization in your garage.   Story

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Luxurious Closets

Luxurious Wardrobe with the Siena Collection A custom-built closet can add simplicity and much-needed organization to a part of the house that is usually overlooked. With specific features designed for your needs, custom closets can create a more manageable and attractive space. The Siena Collection of Distinctive Closets raises the bar of custom closets. This…

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Whats Your Reaction When You Enter Your Closet?

As funny as this tv commercial is, its not far from what Closet Doctor customers tells us. “We had a party last week and we showed the closet to everyone. They loved the new closet organizers” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIutgtzwhAc We can help you with the closet……you’re on your own for the fridge.

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Cool New Feature from GE to Help Stay Organized in the Laundry Room

I am always on the look out for things that will make it easier to stay organized in business and at home. This new idea from GE for their washers and dishwashers is brilliant. No more storing detergent under the cabinet or on top of the dryer. This will help you stay organized and reduce…

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Closet Doctor Downsizes and Get Organized

After 4 years in our nationally recognized showroom showcasing closet organizers, garage cabinets, Murphy wall beds, and home office systems, The Closet Doctor has chosen to relocate the showroom to our production facility. This means that although we are a little harder to find, we can give every customer a tour of our state of…

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Custom Pantry Closet

Is your pantry closet messy and unorganized? Are those crappy wire shelves a pain? Does your supersize box of Honeycomb not fit on the shelf, yet you have miles of wasted space above your soup cans? Check out the custom designed pantry closet system that we built to help one of our Lincoln Hills customers…

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Veronica Webb Keeps Order

Browsing thru the news today I found this article on how a supermodel stays super organized. Veronica Webb Keeps Order

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New Wall Bed Ideas

I just wanted to share a couple of shots of a Wall Bed we did recently. The customer wanted to add her own touch so, we installed the framed mirrors that had been hanging on the wall for several year in the space that the wall bed was going. This gave it her own personal…

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