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The Pantry: An Important, Yet Forgotten, Part of the Kitchen

One part of the kitchen that seems to get forgotten often is the pantry. Even though most people seem to think that the pantry is “just a place to store food” it can actually serve a much greater purpose if utilized correctly. Not only does it have to store your boxed and canned foods, it…

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Closet Organizers: An Investment Worth Making

Although the closet is a part of the house that is rarely seen by anyone other than the homeowner(s) and is usually looked at simply as a place to store “stuff”, it is still an important part of the house that needs and deserves special attention. This is the place that stores your clothes, your…

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Home Offices: Helping You Get Your Home & Life Organized

In the last two decades the home office has become the hub of the average household. It’s where we pay our bills; keep in touch with friends and family via the internet; where the kids do their homework; where we store and file all of our financial records and much more; and where many earn…

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Wall Beds: Once a Thing of the Past

Wall beds were once a thing of the past, created in the early 1900’s, they are now making a very popular comeback. The wall bed was invented by William Lawrence Murphy whom resided in San Francisco, California, a city that, at the time, was just as jam-packed and vibrant as we know it today. Murphy…

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