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The Closet Doctor’s Worker’s Conduct Agreement

Below is a document that each of our employees signs and is expected to uphold on the Jobsite:

As a worker for The Closet Doctor, you must agree to abide by the principles and precepts of our Code of Ethics and Competency. Any violation of these principles will be grounds for a written warning; multiple violations will be grounds for termination.

I agree to abide by these guidelines when working on job sites for The Closet Doctor.

For All Workers

  1. I will not smoke inside the customers’ homes or on their property.
  2. I will not use foul language on the Jobsite.
  3. I will not consume alcohol or drugs on the Jobsite.
  4. I will play any radios or music on the Jobsite quietly.
  5. I will keep my clothes neat and clean and wear a company shirt at all times.
  6. I will wear my identification and certification badge when on the Jobsite.
  7. I will respect the customer’s telephones, bathrooms, parking spaces, etc.
  8. I will protect the customer’s home by placing carpet runners on all traffic areas & drop clothes or blankets in work areas.
  9. I will strive to keep dust and messes to a minimum.
  10. I will take all trash and scrap with me and leave the Jobsite clean at the end of each work day.
  11. I will keep any materials or tools left on the Jobsite in an orderly fashion at the end of each day.

Clean Up

  1. I will assure that all jobs, upon completion, will be ready for the customer to immediately use by:
    • Cleaning all organizers and cabinetry to be free from dust.
    • Cleaning drawer and cabinet interiors to be clean and free of sawdust.
    • Vacuuming or sweeping floors of all closet work areas.
    • Seeping clean outside work area.
    • Removing any trash and waste associated with the project and disposing of it in company dumpsters.

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