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Mancave Garage Makeover in Sacramento, CA

This design is a great example of the possibilities that custom garage cabinets provide when converting a space to be as user-friendly as possible. These are some custom garage cabinets Sacramento customers asked us to design for them. We had a customer in Sacramento, California who needed to repurpose their detached garage that just was not working for them. It was a?small garage on the back of their fabulous 40’s home that?was?not quite big enough for a car, but they also weren’t interested in doing an entire room conversion on it either. We worked with them to make a design that would be functional, affordable, and beautiful.

They wanted a comfortable space they could use to get away and enjoy movies and sports, as well as store plenty of stuff. So we transformed the garage into a contemporary and clean looking multi-purpose room slash “man cave” with a kitchenette, entertainment center, lots of storage, and still the ability to open the garage doors so the customer can park motorcycles and things like that inside.

This simple yet beautiful?custom entertainment center has places to house sound, a TV, and accessories within the entertainment center cabinets. It serves to help make their detached garage into a comfortable place to enjoy entertainment.

We also put in a kitchenette which is perfect for storing and preparing drinks and snacks. There is plenty of space for storage, and also great functionality with a fridge and sink. A kitchenette makes the entire space more usable and enjoyable, they no longer would have the need to walk back and forth from the house to get and prepare refreshments. There are places to store cups, utensils, accessories, and a tall broom closet on the side of the fridge.

One great feature of this space is lots and lots of built-in storage. We used our heavy duty custom garage cabinets with adjustable shelves to house all of the things they needed to store. We made one cabinet with a hanging section for their jackets, and the rest with our aluminum edged heavy duty shelves for their bins and other items. We also used our top of the line Spring Blossom premium textured melamine on the entertainment center, and kitchenette for a great contrast to our standard white garage cabinets for a more stylish and high quality look.

One other great feature is the enclosure we built for their safety. If you go back up to the first picture, you’ll see that the safe is hardly even detectable, and it doesn’t take away from the sleek design of the room. Overall this project turned out to be a fabulous use of space, making a true multipurpose room where storage and enjoyment can coincide without impairing the style and feel of the room.

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