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Custom Garage Storage in Lincoln, CA

garage storageIf your garage is disorganized and?cluttered and doesn’t have enough room in it for things like?your cars, give yourself a garage makeover with premium garage storage shelves, cabinets, and slatwall from The Closet Doctor. Our team has a solution for any circumstance.

custom-garage-cabinets-garage-makeover-garage-storage-sacramento-lincoln-rocklin-roseville.jpgEach one of our XL custom garage cabinets is designed to hold 18 standard size storage bins, more than any other cabinet on the market.? They’re great for storing boxes, balls, holiday decorations, rakes, shovels, chairs, snowboards, bike helmets, roller blades, table leaves, vacuums, car cleaning supplies, and all that other stuff that clutters up your garage.

To learn more about our garage storage in Lincoln, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Granite Bay, Rocklin, Sacramento, and the surrounding areas, contact us online?today.

How Our Garage Storage Compares to Our Competition

The Closet Doctor


The Competitors

All thermal fused melamine exterior AND interior finishes offer superior durability and moisture protection.


Less durable vinyl product or have unfinished interiors. Unfinished materials are 10 times more susceptible to moisture damage and vinyl clad board scratch much more easily.

Cabinets do not contact the concrete floor, eliminating moisture transfer that occurs when items are in contact with concrete floors. No support legs are needed due to the strength of our cabinets, leaving the underneath area clear of obstructions, making it easy to keep clean.

Installation Method

Sit directly on concrete floor or stem wall resulting in moisture transfer to cabinets, or use legs that look bad and are difficult to keep clean.

Blind dado & cabinet screw construction. Our top & bottom shelves are assembled into a dado. This allows the cabinet side to take the full load of the shelf, not just the fastener.


Nailed-together butt joint with wimpy staples or nails.

NO SAGGING shelves!
Tested to over 500 lbs!
3/4" cabinet back with adjustable shelf holes on all cabinets over 30" wide. Shelves are supported on side and on the back of the shelf. Heavy-duty aluminum extrusion on the front of each shelf for added strength.

Shelf Supports

Only on sides, no support on back for wide shelves leads to sagging shelves, even with aluminum extrusion on front. 1/4" back offers NO structural support.

We offer five standard designer colors: white, hard rock, maple, silver, and frost.

Color Choices

They off a very limited color selection. Usually white, grey, and one wood grain color.

Multiple edge banding colors available for a custom designer look.

Edge Banding

Some don't use it; others only have black.

Full-length powder-coated aluminum pulls or 6 1/2" stainless pulls are standard. HUNDREDS of pull styles available as option.


Some have no full length pulls, others have simple handles only.

Concealed European-style hinges for exceptional strength and a clean finished look.


Ugly, 39 cent exposed brass hinges.

All shelves are adjustable in 1 1/4" increments, allowing you to maximize storage space


Shelves adjustable every 4"-6"

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