Custom garage storage

The Closet Doctor is a closet builder company that offers heavy-duty garage cabinets, shelving, storage racks, hooks, workbenches, flooring, and more in Sacramento and the surrounding area.

As Sacramento’s go-to experts for high-quality garage organization and storage, you’ll get a garage organization system that will make you stop dreading opening that garage door. 

All storage components come in a variety of colors, finishes, materials, and styles, so you can fully customize your garage organization.

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Custom organization for garages

With The Closet Doctor’s high-quality garage shelving, cabinets, and slatwall storage options, you can optimize your garage storage. With a garage that’s finally tidy and organized, you’ll finally be able to check that ongoing task off your list—and finally be able to park your car inside.

The design of our custom cabinets ensures that they are positioned off the floor, keeping them dry. They are extra strong, too, so don’t require support legs. This means the area under the cabinets is not only free for more storage but much easier to clean. 

Each one of our XL custom garage cabinets is designed to hold 18 standard size storage bins, more than any other cabinet on the market.

As with all of our custom storage systems, our garage storage systems…

  • Are strong and durable
  • Come in a range of colors, materials, and styles
  • Have a large capacity
  • Come with an excellent warranty
  • Are custom designed and built to match your exact space
  • Are installed professionally and quickly

Custom Garage Storage Shelves

The Closet Doctor provides strong garage shelving you can depend on.

Our garage shelves are supported both on the side and on the back. We also add a heavy-duty aluminum extrusion on the front of each shelf for extra strength.

All shelves are adjustable in 1 1/4″ increments, allowing you to maximize your storage space. Concealed European-style hinges offer exceptional strength and a clean finished look.

Custom cabinets for garage

“All Closet Doctor garage cabinets are some of the strongest and most secure garage cabinet installations on the market. We’ve been using the same construction and installation method since 2006 and have not had an issue with a cabinet. 

Additionally, we offer a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship so you can feel secure that if there were an issue, we would take care of it.

Custom Slatwall Solutions

Slatwall and slatwall accessories are an excellent choice for making the most of any unused wall space in your garage. Their streamlined profile takes up less room than garage cabinets or shelving and custom slatwall solutions are an affordable option if you’re working to a budget.

Garage Storage Accessories

We provide a wide variety of garage storage accessories to customize your slatwall. From tilt bins and wall baskets to bike hooks and golf accessory holders, we have them all. You can massively increase the storage capacity of your slatwall with accessories like sports racks, magnetic toolbars, and there are even holder solutions for those awkward items like ladders and fishing rods.

  • Fishing rod holders and wall baskets
  • Magnetic toolbars and sports racks
  • Bike hooks and ladder holders
  • Tilt bins

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Not everyone has the time or interest in figuring out a complete storage design all on their own. And with the wide range of options available, it's easy to get lost and frustrated in a hurry. But with The Closet Doctor, you never have to handle it all on your own. Schedule your free in-home consultation to get a 3D visualization of what your space could look like.