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Sacramento Custom Garage Cabinet FAQs

What kind of drawer slides and drawer boxes do you use in your storage systems?

The Closet Doctor organizers come standard with full extension ball bearing slides rated at 100 lb. Additionally our drawer boxes are built using all 3/4″ material that is color matched to the rest of the system. The boxes are assembled using a blind dado joint and screwed together. This is a far stronger box than a nailed together box with butt joints.

What are the drawer and door faces made of on your garages?

Our raised panel and shaker style doors utilize a Rigid Thermofoil process. The shape of the door is cut out on a CNC router, then a coating, similar to plastic is heated and vacuum pressed to the face. The end result is a durable long lasting finish.

Do you offer real wood finishes for your garages?

Yes, The Closet Doctor offers real wood finishes. If you absolutely have to have the look and feel of real wood, all of our systems can be done in a wood veneer and finished to your taste. Real wood is usually a plywood core with a wood veneer.

Since the cabinets are typically wall mounted 6" off of the floor, how do you insure that they are secure?

Due to the way they are constructed and our method of installation, The Closet Doctor garage cabinets are some of the strongest and most secure on the market. ?For more information and illustrations, check out the following: “Why are Closet Doctor garage cabinets some of the strongest and most secure on the market?”

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