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Sacramento Home Office Storage FAQs

What types of tops do you offer?

Most Closet Doctor systems use a High Pressure Laminate top with a 180 bullnose front. We have available a large variety of colors available. We prefer to use Wilsonart and also have access to other brands like Formica and Pionite.

Do your home office cabinets have full backs or are they open like your closet organizers?

All Closet Doctor home office system cabinets have full backs. We use a different construction method than our closet systems. All cabinet interiors and drawer boxes are color matched to the outside surface.

I?m really tall/short, can you do custom height work surface?

The Closet Doctor manufactures each system specific to your needs. We have standard sizes that we design around, but we are completely flexible and can design and build to suit your needs.

How do you handle wires and wire access in your cabinets?

The Closet Doctor home office cabinets are designed with access in mind. The top of each cabinet has an access hole so that wiring can pass from one cabinet to the next. Under all of our work surfaces, we also include a wire tray that keep the wire neat and out of view.

What do you do for computer cabinets to reduce heat buildup?

When we build a cabinet to enclose a computer, we cut large access holes in the top and bottom of the cabinet for airflow. These holes are cut on our CNC machine in the production process and finished with a nice trim ring.

Can you do a home office without a Murphy Bed?

Yes, The Closet Doctor designs and installs home office systems with and without Murphy wall beds.

What are they standard sizes of home office cabinets?

While we have standard sizes for certain cabinets with file drawers, all Closet Doctor home office cabinets are custom designed and built for each individual installation. We can build cabinets from 8? to 48? wide and up to 96? tall.

Do you cut out the baseboard when you install?

While cutting out the baseboard is an option, we normally leave it in place and cut a small notch in the bottom of the cabinet. This notch is cut on our CNC machine as part of the production process and is based on the height and thickness of your baseboard.

I have plugs on my wall will they be covered?

No, you will have access to the plugs. We will also install grommet holes in the work surface for wire access to the plugs and cabinets below.

Do you have under cabinet lighting?

Yes. We prefer energy efficient, high output LED lighting. The Closet Doctor has several options including LED strip and pucks, dimmers and color options. Additional electrical work by a licensed electrician may be required.

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