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Why Apartment Complexes Are Installing Murphy Beds

Did you know that, according to World Population Review, the total population of Sacramento, CA, is greater than 500,000 people? Additionally, since 2010, the growth of this city has been 13.89%, and the 2020 growth rate was 1.12%.

If you’re one of the many people living in Sacramento, something you might be wondering about is why so many apartment complexes are installing Murphy beds.

Maybe you know someone who recently got an apartment with a Murphy bed, or you’ve been out looking for a new place to move into and you’ve come across one during your search.

As a result, you’re wondering what’s causing this trend. And you might even be thinking of getting a Murphy bed yourself, but you aren’t sure. How can you learn more?

Fortunately, in this article, we’ll explain why apartment complexes are installing Murphy beds. Finally, you can understand this trend and decide if you want a space-saving Murphy bed in your apartment. Read on to learn more.

What Is a Murphy Bed?

Before we go into why apartment complexes are installing Murphy beds, we’ll review what you need to know about this type of bed. This is a bed that’s hinged on one of its ends so it’s possible to store it vertically.

The bed can be stored against a wall or within a cabinet or closet.

There are many Murphy bed benefits, such as the ability to have more space in a smaller room or apartment when the bed has been stored away.

The Tiny House Trend

One of the main reasons that Murphy beds are becoming so popular is because of the tiny house trend. Tiny houses and tiny homes are big in popular culture right now, and many people are interested. But what is the tiny house trend?

A tiny house is a very small house that’s usually not any larger than 400 square feet. Sometimes, they can place it on a piece of land, though some people buy tiny houses with wheels.

This movement began a while ago, but recently, it has gained even more traction.

According to Business Insider, tiny homes became popular, undeniably so, during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the trend has taken off even more so.

The subsidiary of Fidelity National Financial, IPX1031, carried out a survey exploring the tiny house trend. 56% of the American respondents would consider living within a tiny home.

The tiny house trend we see all over HGTV, YouTube, and Instagram is hip. That’s why apartment complexes are shifting to Murphy beds.

A New Generation

As a new generation becomes the working-class generation, we begin to see styles and trends change. That’s why Murphy beds are becoming such a trend within apartment complexes.

These young tech professionals want to work from anywhere and they’re looking for ways to maximize space and location.

Working From Anywhere

This means that they’re more likely to have a space that they aren’t always using, as they might be working from co-working spaces, cafes, or even another state or country than where they’re usually based.

As a result, the apartment that they call home doesn’t have to be a space with tons of square footage.

With a Murphy bed, they can have exactly the square footage they need to work from a small space at home. Then, when they’re ready to go to bed, they can simply pull the bed down.

This provides young tech professionals with the flexibility they need to work from anywhere.

Ways to Maximize Space and Location

Within their homes, these young tech professionals are looking for ways to maximize space and location. By having a Murphy bed installed in their apartment, they can have even more space in a room that can serve both as their bedroom and an office.

This is why Murphy beds, and other solutions such as custom closet systems and custom closet organizers, are so appealing to people in this new generation.

Making Your Studio Units Very Attractive With Murphy Bed Installation

As you can see, given the tiny house trend and the fact that there’s a new generation looking to work from anywhere and maximize space and location, you can make your studio units very attractive with the installation of a Murphy bed.

Many benefits come with Murphy beds, including:

  • A variety of sizes
  • Maximized space
  • Can complement interior decor

If you’ve looked into this and researched a Murphy bed buying guide or two, you might not be sure which type of this bed to get.

However, as long as you buy a Murphy bed from the Murphy brand itself, you can be sure that you’re providing comfort along with practicality.

There are many custom Murphy bed solutions, including singles, fulls, queens, and beds that come with desks and cabinets. To learn more about these custom solutions, check them out now.

Looking to Learn More About Murphy Beds?

Now that you’ve learned about why apartment complexes are installing Murphy beds, you might be looking to learn more about Murphy beds. Maybe you want some Murphy bed tips or would like a Murphy bed guide to decide on the right one.

Or maybe you’re interested in custom closets in Sacramento provided by a closet organizer company.

Whatever you need, we at Closet Doctor can help. We install Murphy beds and custom closets in Sacramento as a closet organizer in Sacramento.

To get in touch with our closet organizer company, schedule an appointment with us now.

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