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Investigation Clutter Bug: Do I Have too Much Stuff?

Did you know that the average American household has 300,000 items in it? In addition, 25 percent of homes with two-car garages don’t have the space to park their car in the garage. 

If you’re one of the 25 percent or you believe 300,000 items sound low, it’s possible that you are a clutter bug. Keep reading to learn more about the types of clutter bugs and some signs that you might be one. 

What Is a Clutter Bug? 

Have you ever looked around and noticed that there’s no open space on your tables, in your closets, or maybe you have to clear out a chair before someone can sit there? If you have, that’s a clear sign you could be a clutter bug. 

Clutter bugs have so much stuff or allow their belongings to sit unorganized for so long that eventually, they realize it’s everywhere. 

There are a few types of clutter bugs you could be looking at, and each one looks different. Considering the fact that Americans spend around 1.2 trillion dollars a year on items they don’t need, it’s possible you will find that one of these descriptions fits you. 

The most common types of clutter bugs are: 

  1. Pack rats
  2. Archivist
  3. Landing zones
  4. Abundance clutter
  5. Needs to organize

Pack Rat

Do you have a hard time getting rid of things because they might be useful one day? Do you worry that you will be asked, are you a hoarder? If so, you might be a pack rat. 

The pack rat keeps everything. In their space, you will find everything they keep or collect. You won’t be able to find a nook or cranny that’s not got items in it that are “useful.” 


If you walk into your home and see stacks and shelves that are overflowing with the written word, you may be an archivist. 

The archivist clutter bug holds onto books, magazines, letters, newspapers, and other things with the written word. It could be sorted and stacked, but it’s still there. 

Landing Zones

Do you have a catch-all spot in your house? Or maybe two? 

A landing zone clutter bug is going to have those spots where they just drop everything. It could be your kitchen table or a chair in your room, but you know that space will constantly be cluttered with various items. 

Abundance Clutter

This person is a bit more difficult to spot. You might not notice that they’re a clutter bug at first. 

Here’s how you know if you’re an abundance clutter bug. You walk into your kitchen and open your pantry, and you have seven boxes of cereal for one person. In fact, you might worry if you move something wrong, it will spill out of your cabinet just because there’s so much. 

You buy items on sale or buy extra even if you don’t need it; that clutter then gets stashed in your cabinets and closets. 

Need to Organize

This type of clutter bug is a sneaky one. They sneak up on you, and you don’t fully realize it until it’s there. 

This happens because you allow things to slowly build up until one day you notice there is no space left. This will often lead to a cleaning spree that ends with everything in place; however, the mess will start to slowly build up again. 

Signs You’re a Clutter Bug

Do any of those descriptions sound like you? If you’re still unsure if you have too much stuff, there are some other signs that could help you recognize that it’s time to get organized or get rid of some stuff. 

Constantly Losing Items

Are you constantly losing things in your house? This is a clear sign that you have too much. 

Getting rid of some items will help you better organize what you do have so you can find it when you need it. 

Duplicate Items

Look around your house; what items do you have multiple of that you don’t need? For example, maybe you have two microwaves after moving in with someone else. 

Take the time to assess what you really need and maybe make some extra cash by getting rid of the duplicates. 

Junk Drawers

Most people have a junk drawer; that’s not necessarily a sign that you own too much. However, when your junk drawer starts spilling over and becomes two, three, or more junk drawers, it’s time to draw the line. 

You Don’t Have to Unpack

Can you go on vacation and not need to unpack when you come home? If you have so many clothes that you don’t even notice that your closet is missing part of your wardrobe, it’s time to consider cutting down a bit. 

Limited Mobility

If you have so much stuff that it’s hard to move around your home, that’s a clear sign you own too much. At this point, your home can start becoming a safety hazard, and it’s important to really assess what you need to keep. 

Clutter Bug Tips

If you’re a clutter bug, it’s important to first start by deciding what you need to keep and what you should get rid of. Because there might be some emotional aspects attached to this, go slow. 

Ask a family member for help if needed. Once you have taken the time to donate, sell, or throw out items you don’t need, it’s important to get organized and stay organized. 

Make sure that everything you own has a home. Take the time throughout your week to return those items to where they belong so that the clutter doesn’t begin to pile up and become unmanageable. 

Ultimately, clutter can impact your social life, increase your stress levels, and have other impacts on both your physical and mental health. Feeling stressed that you have too much stuff means you probably do. Take the steps needed to lessen the impact of clutter. 

Find Your Clutter Bug Solution

There are many types of clutter bugs; recognizing what type you are can help you learn how to address it. If our clutter bug guide has inspired you to get organized, we have solutions for you. 

Let us help you get your life organized. Contact us today for home organization solutions that are as unique as you. 

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