Custom Murphy Beds & Home Storage Solutions in Sacramento, CA

Having a functional bed in your home is an absolute requirement. Not just any bed, either?a comfortable, luxurious bed. However, it?s also hard to deny that that bed of yours is taking up a substantial amount of space, whether we?re talking about the bed in your Sacramento guest bedroom, the cot you keep in your home office, or even the bed in your master bedroom. In fact, that bed could be consuming up to $10,000 worth of valuable square footage in your home!

But at The Closet Doctor, we know that you can have the best of both worlds. In fact, with our 20+ years of experience in organizing homes, we make it easy! All it takes is a Murphy bed system to help you rest well and stay organized. Our team offers a wide range of Murphy bed options and solutions, helping you regain usable space in your California home.