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Closet Organizers in Lincoln, CA

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Between clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories, closet space is often at a premium, no matter how spacious the room may be. With innovative, cleverly designed closet organizers from our team at The Closet Doctor, you can make intelligent use of the space you do have to fit significantly more items into the same area, while keeping everything neat and tidy.

We feature highly talented designers and the latest computer-aided design software to help you make the most of your limited space. Every closet organizer we install is custom-tailored to your needs and made of high-quality materials that offer great performance with minimal maintenance. We offer state-of-the-art closet, garage, pantry, and home office storage solutions throughout the Lincoln area, and they are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee plus a lifetime warranty.

To learn how we can help you reclaim your closet space, call The Closet Doctor today at 916-516-1530 or contact us online. Be sure to view our gallery to see some inspiring design ideas!

Classic Closet Organizer Series

Our Classic closet organizers offer the most customization options, with several styles of doors and drawer faces, dozens of available finishes, multiple hardware styles, and several possible layouts. With plenty of space for all your belongings, innovative features like multiple hanging areas, adjustable shelving, shoe racks, drawers, and slide-out shelves keep everything organized and within easy reach.

Our Classic line is available in several styles:

  • Short systems Designed for ceiling heights from 87 to 108 inches, the short system offers enough vertical room to double the hanging areas, with both upper and lower hanging rods.
  • Tall systems With a finished height of 96 inches, the tall series is designed for spaces with ceiling heights above 9 feet, adding an adjustable shelf overhead for plenty of extra storage in addition to the upper and lower hanging areas.
  • Wall-mounted systems Secured to the wall studs, our wall-mounted organizers leave plenty of open space below the shelving system for boxes, totes, shoes, or baskets.
  • Floor-mounted systems Offering a built-in look, our floor-mounted organizers feature a toe-kick and filler panels between the shelves.

From these basic layouts, we can add all the custom shelving, drawers, and storage options you need to keep your belongings neat and tidy. Be sure to view our closet accessories to find innovative solutions for storing everything from coats, belts, and shoes to brooms, vacuums, and cleaning supplies.

Contact us today to start designing your Classic closet organizer in the Lincoln area!

Quick N Easy Closet Organizers

Our Quick N Easy closet organizers feature a simple, standardized design that offers a short lead time and single-day installation in most cases. It is an affordable, cost-effective option that offers many of the benefits of a custom closet for your Lincoln home without the long wait times.

The Quick N Easy series features:

  • White melamine laminate
  • Modern edge drawer fronts
  • Standardized shelf sizes
  • Custom hanging sections

With an attractive, modern design, the Quick N Easy closet organizer offers plenty of space for all your clothing and accessories without breaking the bank.

Need a simple storage solution for one or more rooms? Contact us today to learn more about our Quick N Easy closet organizers!

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Is your closet messy or disorganized? Make it look great with a closet organizer from our team at The Closet Doctor.

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Are you wrestling with the amount of available space in your home, or are you tired of the closets in your Lincoln home never meeting your needs? The Closet Doctor has the solutions you’re looking for! With our top-of-the-line storage systems and wide range of customizable products, we’ve helped countless homeowners create beautiful, functional spaces within their home from closets to garages and even home offices!

Our team has been serving Placer County home and business owners for more than two decades. We offer superior products and a dedicated service team, each member of which is available to help you design and create new closet spaces and offices. When you want professionals that genuinely care about offering quality solutions and reliable results, The Closet Doctor is the name you’re searching for.

From the Lincoln Bypass to Verdera, contact The Closet Doctor when you want the best! You can reach us online any time, or call at 916-645-2666 to schedule an appointment!

Custom Closets in Lincoln, CA

The right closet outfitted with a custom array of accessories and organizational systems can go from a frustrating mess to a functional and efficient storage space. All it takes is the right team of pros and the right products. Here in Lincoln, The Closet Doctor offers both! We provide a diverse range of closet styles and closet design options, helping you match your new organized space with the rest of your home in order to build a space that is both gorgeous and unique.

Learn more about our custom closet organizers

Lincoln Murphy Beds

Looking for a way to add a sleeping area to a room in your home without sacrificing valuable space? A Murphy bed, also called a wall bed, is a bed that is hinged on one side and is designed to fold upward. This enables the bed to be stored vertically into a cabinet or recess in the wall while the bed is not in use. When put away, the bed takes up minimal space (our Murphy wall beds only take up 16″!), and when the bed is needed, it can be folded out with one touch. The Closet Doctor wall beds utilize any standard mattress up to 12″ thick and come in a wide range of styles and colors, and doors can be customized to your design preference.

Learn more about The Closet Doctors Murphy wall beds

Placer County Home Office Storage

Home offices are prime targets for chaos, it seems. It’s so easy for papers to go missing and for stacks of stationary to start overtaking your work space! But your Lincoln home office should never feel more stressful than it’s worth, which is why our team offers custom-crafted desks, shelving, and storage systems. If you’re looking to build the home office of your dreams, we can offer the equipment and expertise you need to get the job done right!

Learn more about custom home office storage solutions

Custom Shelving, Racks & Entertainment Centers

Do you need some additional storage options or a unique set of cabinets that will go just right with your utility spaces. We’re not just about closets here at The Closet Doctor, we offer various storage solutions, including:

Learn more about our additional custom shelving and storage options

Custom Garage Cabinets & Storage in Lincoln, California

Run-of-the-mill garage storage more often than not leaves you stuck with mountains of junk and misplaced tools. That’s why our team has developed our unique garage storage cabinets, slatwall panels, and storage boxes to accommodate your needs! Together with our professionals, you can rethink your garage into a place that can accommodate any of your needs, whether you’re looking to store a car, tools, toys, or all of the above!

Learn more about our garage storage solutions

Call The Closet Doctor for Closet Storage in El Dorado Hills, Lincoln, Folsom, Granite Bay, Rocklin, Sacramento, and the surrounding areas

When it comes to your closet, it can be difficult to organize your clothes in a way that makes things easy to find. With The Classic Closet line from The Closet Doctor, you can keep your closet neat, tidy, and well-organized. Each one of our custom designed closets is made to fit your organizational needs and to perfectly match your wardrobe with elegance and style.

For more information on our closet storage in El Dorado Hills, Lincoln, Folsom, and the surrounding areas, contact us today!

Our Classic Closet Organizer


Within the Classic line custom closets, we have several options in construction styles including tall and short systems and wall and floor mounted styles.

Short Systems

The short systems are used in closets with ceiling heights from 87″ high to 108″ tall. This system allows us to double up the hanging and have enough clearance so that the clothes don’t drag on the floor or the items below.

Tall Systems

The Closet Doctor tall systems have a finished height of 96″ and are recommended in closets with taller ceilings of at least 9′ and above. The additional height of the system adds an adjustable shelf above the upper hanging rod and offers additional hanging space for clients who are taller than 6’3″.

Wall-Mounted Systems

Our wall-mounted systems are securely fastened to the studs on the wall and do not touch the floor. Wall mount closet systems allow for a cleaner look, utilize fewer materials, and install faster.

Floor Mounted System

The Closet Doctor floor mounted systems offer a more finished built-in look. All of our floor mounts closet systems come with a complete built-in floor and toe kick, as well as standard fillers to cover the gaps between the side panel and the wall.


Choose The Closet Doctor For All Your Custom Closet Organizer Needs in Lincoln, CA

Don’t risk your closet become a cluttered mess. With the Classic Closet Organizer, you can bring a stylish addition to your closet while keeping your clothes neat and organized.

Why Choose The Closet Doctor?

Think all storage options are just the same? We get why you might feel that way, but we also must object! Quality storage, hand-crafted and customized to meet your specific needs and applications opens up a whole new world. Let our team help you organize your home spaces and you’ll never doubt the difference!

Contact The Closet Doctor in Lincoln for:

  • Custom storage options for home offices, closets, garages, and more
  • Friendly, reliable, and expertly trained service specialists
  • A lifetime warranty on all offered products
  • An award-winning service team (We were GuildQuality Guildmaster Award recipients in 2014 and Angie’s List Super Service Award recipients in 2013!)

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