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Roseville, CA Mirrored Wall Murphy Bed

Recently we had a customer in Roseville California who had a unique home work space in which they wanted to incorporate a sleeping area. At The Closet Doctor, we are all about helping customers improve their lives through better organization in their homes. This customer does clothing alterations and sewing from her home. The guest room was set up as her fitting and sewing room, including a large mirror and small platform that she would use for fitting dresses. Recent changes in their life and in the home necessitated that this room also be used regularly for a guest room as well as her sewing room. Putting a regular full size bed was out of the question, as it would take up all the space in the?room, and not leave any room for her day job of fitting dresses. They needed a space saving solution for the bed.

The homeowners gave us a call to see what we could do for them with a wall Murphy bed. The wall bed is a great solution for any room and was the perfect fit for this sewing room. The designer who visited the home took a look at the space and determined that with the layout of the sewing room, the best place for the Murphy bed in this room was also the wall that has a large mirror on it, with a small platform for the dress fitting in front of it. The homeowner agreed that this was the perfect spot for the queen size wall bed, but was concerned with not having a mirror for her clients. The designer took a few measurements of the platform and determined that the platform could be placed in front of the wall bed and it would be out of the way when the bed was folded down, and that we could place a mirror on the front of the bed. Since the wall Murphy bed only takes up 16? of depth in the room, she would still have plenty of space for her clients, as well as having a comfortable fold down bed for her family members that visit frequently.

We used our Latitude North textured melamine for the cabinet and doors on the Murphy bed. We then mounted a 4? wide by 6? tall acrylic mirror to the face of the wall bed panels and finished it off with a 2? frame around the edge of the mirror. We used acrylic for 2 reasons, first to keep the weight of the folding bed panel to a minimum and second for safety, as when the bed is in the open position and has people sleeping in it, the face will flex slightly and would cause a regular mirror to break.

The project turned out great and this is what the customer had to say:

?We researched and looked at other local showrooms and The Closet Doctors showroom and their service was the best. I had some special needs with a fitting room for sewing, so the wall bed needed to fit that space and working needs. They installed a special mirror on the front of the Murphy bed right where I needed it and they were really good about measuring and figuring that all out. The installation guys were both excellent and didn’t disturb anything in the room during installation.?

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