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Murphy Bed Dimensions

Wall Bed Dimensions

When measuring for your Murphy Bed, you should take into account the depth, height, and width of the bed when it is in the closed position. You should also be aware of the projection of the bed when it is open. This refers to the length from the wall to the edge of your bed frame. Knowing these dimensions will allow you to make sure the bed fits comfortably in your space.


Vertical Murphy Beds are the most popular form of wall bed because they look very similar to a regular bed frame in the up position. The key difference between this and other styles is that when in the down position it appears as a bookshelf or cabinet. To maximize your room, this model folds down from the ceiling. When you’re ready to go to sleep just pull it down and slide into bed.

Queen Full Single/Twin
Width 65 1/2″ 59 1/2″ 44 1/2″
Height 87 1/2″ 83″ 83″
Depth 16″ 16″ 16″
Protrusion (Bed down & open) 89 1/2″ 84 1/2″ 84 1/2″


Side Tilt Murphy Beds, also known as horizontal beds, are a great option if you’re looking for a bed to fit in a child’s bedroom or another space with low ceilings. The bed is mounted sideways on a wall, so you can only enter it from one side.

Queen Full Single/Twin
Width 86″ 80″ 80″
Height 68″ 62″ 46″
Depth 16″ 16″ 16″
Protrusion (Bed down & open) 70″ 64″ 48″
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