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Do You Have Enough Space for a Murphy Bed in Your Roseville Home?

Many people wonder if they have enough space for a Roseville?Murphy bed. Almost all rooms are big enough for at least a twin sized?wall bed, but some don?t realize that most rooms are even big enough for a queen sized?wall bed.

One factor that plays into if a room is appropriate for a Murphy bed is if it has enough wall area for a Murphy bed.

For our vertical beds the required wall space is:

Queen sized: 65 ??W x 87 ??T of wall space required

Full sized: 59 ??W x 83?T of wall space required

Twin sized: 44 ??W x 83?T of wall space is required

For horizontal/side tilt beds:

Queen sized: 86?W x 68?T of wall space required

Full sized: 80?W x 62?T of wall space required

Twin sized: 80?W x 46?T of wall space is required

You will also want clearance all around the bed, about 24? on each side tends to be a good minimum, also if you have a door that opens into the room that might interfere with the bed, and you will likely want about 36? of space between where the end of the bed comes and the door to accommodate door swing.

Here is a standard rule guide for minimum room sizes:

Vertical beds:

Queen sized: 9 ??W x 10 ??L

Full sized: 9?W x 10?L

Twin sized: 7 ??W x 10?L

Side tilt beds:

Queen sized: 9 ??W x 9?L

Full sized: 9?W x 8 ??L

Twin sized: 9?W x 7?L

Keep in mind these are not fool proof measurements, some rooms this size won’t work for a wall bed, and some smaller rooms can in some cases accommodate a bed, it just depends on the specific layout of the room and how little extra space you?re willing to have around the bed. Other things to keep in mind, is if there are?closets?in the room, adjoining bathrooms with doors that swing into the room, windows, or other major obstructions on the walls.

For all of our local customers, from Roseville to Sacramento and the surrounding area, we offer in home design appointments with our professional designers. They will be able to measure and confirm that your room is the best fit for a?Murphy bed?and how exactly to design a system that will fit your needs best. We offer a wide range of Murphy beds, from our line of ready to install?3 day?Murphy beds, to our line of fully?custom beds?and Murphy bed?home office?combination systems, we will work with you to create the perfect bed for your home. Click below to make an appointment with one of our professional designers:

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