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Save Time & Sanity this Christmas by Organizing Your Wrapping Station

The holidays are creeping up on us, and gift wrapping can become messy and time consuming! Not to mention expensive if you?re like me and constantly lose your supplies since they don?t have proper places to be stored.

So here at The Closet Doctor, we have some ideas to help you save time and sanity by organizing your wrapping station.

There are lots of options out there to fit whatever your needs are. Whether you want something cute and fashionable, or simple and practical, there are many ideas out there.

  • You can have a station built into your home office

  • Buy a simple behind the door system

  • Buy a portable system…















  • Or even a?DIY behind the door, wall mounted, or portable wrapping station…
  • The?clear shallow bins are my personal favorite. ?They’re practical, easy to store in a closet, under a bed, or wherever works for you. Things stay separate but organized, while still being easily accessible.?I also love that you can remove the smaller bins from within if needed.?A set up like this gives you?a place for your wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, tape, scissors, and other accessories, all in one place and easy to keep organized and clean.

You can DIY?this same type of storage with a simple set up of a long shallow bin, sometimes referred to as an underbed storage tote,?and then a couple of small bins within that. You can generally purchase large and small bins like this at most home improvement and department stores.

If you would like more help organizing your home, check out our website for more information on home offices and more.
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