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Your Guide to Maximize Space in a Small Closet for Clothes

According to a survey conducted by a German moving company, Americans use only 18% of the clothes they have in their wardrobes! Of course, this leads to a lot of wasted wardrobe space and the closet organizer company would recommend getting rid of everything you don’t wear (or that doesn’t spark joy).

But what if you are attached to all the clothes you have in your small closet and you can’t get rid of any of them? What if each one of those pieces holds a sentimental value to you or has a unique story of how you procured it? 

Well, that’s where closet organization comes into play. There are many ways to do it, so let’s speak about some closet organization tips in detail below.

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Use Your Closet Door to the Max

Too many folks forget to utilize all available space in their small clothes closets. But you shouldn’t make the same mistake. Your closet door is there for the taking.

Think about hanging wall hooks over your closet door, and/or over-the-door sunglasses organizers. Some people have even found baskets that they can tack on to the back of their door, which will allow them to maximize their small closet space even more.

Think outside the box when it comes to closet organization. Just because it hasn’t been done before, doesn’t mean you can’t be the first one to try. Motivate yourself by thinking about how you can use all that extra space to fit more trendy fashions. 

An Organized Closet Looks Like a Clean Closet

Even though you might be inclined to dump everything on your chair when you walk into your room or let your small clothes closet descend into shambles because of your busy schedule, try to get over those tendencies. No matter how small your closet is, you can fit a lot more into it, if you stay organized. 

This is especially true if you have lots of clothes and a small closet. The more organized you stay, the less stressed you will be when you try to dress up in the morning or for an event. And the more likely you are to use all the items in your closet.

With an unorganized closet, you will end up wearing the same 3 things every single time and lament that you have ‘nothing to wear‘. 

Double Rod and Shower Ring It

Due to the upsurge of tiny apartments with small closets, there are a wide variety of organization tools on the market that you can take advantage of. A double rod is one of them. 

Essentially, a double rod gives you an additional rod below your first one to hang even more clothes. This means that you are utilizing your small clothes closet to the max. Yes, it will require you to hunker down a bit to look at all the clothes in your closet, but it’s well worth it when everything looks and feels organized.

Also, consider using shower rings and clothespins to hang your items. Instead of folding clothes and putting them neatly into baskets or drawers, use shower rings to hang your everyday tops. Also, you can use clothespins to hang your socks, undies, and other lighter items.

Put Away Your Seasonal Items

Yes, this is the worst thing for a small closet owner to hear. You wish you could have a closet where you could fit all seasonal wear in one space. But since that’s not the case, it’s time to be savvy about things.

Start putting away your seasonal items as soon as the season ends, so that you can create space for the items that you will actually wear. As soon as the temperature drops, bring out your winterwear and put away your summer fashion. And vice versa. 

Use the Bottom of Your Small Closet for Shoe Racks

One place that’s always underutilized in a small closet is the floor. No one ever thinks about using that space, unless it’s for clothes that have fallen from slippery hangers (use velvet hangers so your clothes stay put forever). 

That’s where shoe racks come in. If you need a space for all your boots, sandals, flip-flops, and more, then purchase stackable shoe racks and place them at the bottom of your closet. This way you can always have all your shoes in full view, and you will never end up forgetting to wear a pair of shoes because you forgot about their existence. 

Dividers and Foldable Storage Baskets for the Win

Another strategy to make a small closet seem bigger is to use dividers and foldable storage baskets. With dividers, just like in a bookshelf, you can organize your clothes by color, quality, and item. You could place all your joggers in one spot, and all your t-shirts in another. 

You can do the same with foldable storage baskets. You could put all your fancy underwear in one basket, and all your swimwear in another. This way you will know exactly what you own and you can use your closet space and your wardrobe to its maximum utilization rate. 

There’s no point buying beautiful things and then relegating them to an unorganized closet where you can never find them again. No matter if you have a small closet, you can still be organized and fashionable to boot.

A Messy Closet Will Do Your Fashion Sense No Good

A disorganized small closet is as good as having no closet at all. If you wish to ensure that you use all your fashion items to the max, you need to contact The Closet Doctor and improve your home’s closet space through custom closet organizers. 

Sometimes it takes an objective outsider to come in and fix something that we’ve been living with forever. You can call us at 916-665-4577 or schedule an appointment here. Start every day with a beautifully organized closet!

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