Murphy Bed With Desk Aesthetic

A Guide to Styling a Queen Murphy Bed With Desk Aesthetic

Having people come to visit can be wonderful, but trying to find a comfortable space for them to sleep can be a challenge. Sleeper sofas are uncomfortable and often dated, and futons aren’t acceptable if you’re older than twenty-three. Murphy beds can be a great way to make a room more multifunctional.

With the right styling, murphy beds can be a beautiful and functional addition to your home. Read on to discover how to style a queen murphy bed with desk to make it the ultimate work from home/guest space.

Invest in a Quality Bed

When you’re styling your murphy bed, the first thing you need is a high-quality bed. There are lots of murphy bed models available that are cheap, and they’ll look that way in your home. Murphy beds can be beautiful, but you’re walking a fine line, and quality materials make all the difference.

You also want to make sure your murphy bed will be comfortable for your guests who are sleeping on it. Cheap, creaky springs and unstable legs will make your guests wish they had gotten a hotel instead. The best murphy bed will make them feel like they are in a hotel, so spend the extra money to get a quality product.

Install Bookshelves

One of the things that makes murphy beds feel out of place in a room is the large amount of visual space they occupy. If you don’t have any other built-in cabinets in that room, adding a murphy bed can feel like an eyesore. One way to avoid this and make your murphy bed blend in more is to add bookshelves around your murphy bed.

Get some bookshelves that are the same height as your murphy bed, ideally ones that extend from corner to corner on the wall your murphy bed is going to be installed on. Set these on either side of the bed so they’re the same depth as the bed when it’s closed. This will provide extra storage for you when you’re using the room as an office and a place for your guests to set water glasses, phone chargers, and the like.

Pick a Theme

When you’re decorating your room with a murphy bed, it can be helpful to pick a theme for the room. This room will serve two different purposes – sometimes it will be an office, others it will be a guest space. Having a theme can help you unite the two functions so the room feels cohesive no matter what state it’s in. 

For instance, let’s say you decide on a French countryside theme for the room. You’ll want to make the bed up in white, add some pastel or neutral-colored curtains, and place lots of natural fabrics on the furniture around the room. You’ll also want to opt for darker wood on your desk, add some flowers, and place vintage books on the shelves. 

Put Up Wallpaper

One of the challenges of decorating with a murphy bed is figuring out what to do behind the bed itself. You won’t have space for a headboard, and, depending on the configuration of the bed, you may not even have room to hang an art piece. Wallpaper can be a great way to decorate that space without interfering with the function of your murphy bed.

Your wallpaper color will depend a lot on both your theme and the other colors in your room. If the rest of your room is bold, you may want to pick a somewhat understated wallpaper to keep things from getting too overwhelming. If you want to add some visual interest, this wallpaper can be the perfect opportunity for a pop of color.

Stick to Mobile Furniture 

One of the best things you can do when designing your office/guest room space is to keep the layout flexible. You’ll need to transition this room from a home office to a welcoming guest room, and pulling a queen size murphy bed with desk out into the middle of the room will shift the layout dramatically. It’s best to stick to furniture that you can move around to suit either layout.

You might consider adding a seating area with side tables that can be converted to bedside tables when guests are in town. Likewise, your office sideboard might become a dresser when the room is a sleeping space. Think outside the box, and don’t forget to account for the needs of both your workspace and your guests.

Bring Extra Bedding

While convertible guest spaces can be a great way to get the best use out of your home, these rooms can feel a little less than welcoming. A guest may feel like they’re intruding in a space that wasn’t really meant for them. One way to make your office/guest room feel more welcoming is to bring in lots of extra bedding. 

Start with a set of nice sheets, soft pillows, and a comforter that’s got some volume to it. From there, add sham pillows, a bed skirt to hide the murphy bed legs, and an extra blanket on the foot of the bed. Three to five extra throw pillows and a welcome basket on the foot of the bed will make the space feel homier and more welcoming. 

Style Your Queen Murphy Bed with Desk 

A murphy bed can be a great way to keep a guest space in use even when no one’s in town. Start with a quality bed and then install bookshelves around it to make it feel like a more natural part of the room. Pick a décor theme, put up wallpaper, and add plenty of extra bedding to make things feel homey when guests are in town.

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