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How to Turn Your Closet Into a Style Statement

Did you know that 1 out of every 10 Americans rent external storage to hold their belongings?  Even though the average American home has grown almost three times in the last fifty years, people are still running out of storage space in their homes. One of the main areas in a house that becomes the most cluttered…

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Organization 101: The Shoe Lovers Storage Guide

shoe closet

We let a lot of things get out of hand in quarantine. Hair was left uncut for too long, and faces went unshaved. This also extended to our clothing, as work attire was abandoned to the back of wardrobes, and sweatpants took pride of place in our closets. In fact, closets may have become increasingly…

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Learn How a Custom Closet Increases The Value Of Your Home

Do you love being organized when you pick out your clothes for the next day? Are you wondering how you can maximize closet space and make your life easier by installing a custom closet? Custom closets can really improve your lifestyle. But what are the benefits beyond closet organization? Does a custom closet add value…

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What Our Customers Have to Say About Their New Lincoln Closet

Customer satisfaction is very important to us here at The Closet Doctor. Recently we installed a?beautiful closet?for our fabulous customers John and Laura in Lincoln and we just wanted to share a letter that they gave us after their recent Lincoln closet installation: If the image isn’t popping up, the text from their letter says:…

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The Only California Closet Company to Win a Guildmaster Award

We love serving all our Sacramento, Lincoln, Rocklin and Roseville?closet?customers and this year we have been awarded with another GuildQuality Guildmaster award. We were honored to be chosen for this award, but we were especially honored to see that we were the ONLY California closet company to be awarded a Guildmaster award, and our friends…

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Embracing Minimalism in Your Rocklin Closets

This week we wanted to talk about how to embrace minimalism around your home. This week we?re focusing on 4 tips on how to take advantage of some of the great ideas behind minimalism, specifically in your Rocklin closets. As time has gone by, here at The Closet Doctor we?ve discovered the saying ?less is…

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Do You Have Enough Space for an Island in Your Roseville Closet?

Many people when picturing their dream closet picture a beautiful island in the center, but many aren’t sure just how much space you need for one. So this week we’ll be answering the question, do I have enough space for a closet island? And, If I don’t have enough space, what can I do? Here…

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4 Reasons Your Closet Just Isn’t Working for You

Having a small closet does not have to doom you to a life of disorganization, here are 4 things to address in your closet to make sure that it is living up to its true potential. 1. Your closet needs a better organizer If you only have a single rod and shelf set up in…

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What Is the Return on Investment on Closet Organizers?

We often get the question from our clients and potential customers “how much value does this add to our home?” There are many different opinions out there, and it can be difficult to give an exact number since?there are many variables that are unique to each situation, but the Qualified Remodeler magazine recently put out…

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Come Join Us at the GEMS 5K

This year we are proud sponsors?of the GEMS 5K taking place April 22 and 23rd. The GEMS 5K is a wonderful yearly community event with 100% of the proceeds benefiting Glen Edwards Middle School. This time of year is perfect to get back into your fitness routine, and 5K is a great distance that anyone…

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