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4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Garage

The garage ends up often being one of the most forgotten and neglected areas of our homes. Since our guests rarely see it, it?s easy to let it go. But when your garage isn’t organized and functional, you will end up losing valuable time searching for things that could have been easily accessible. It’s also…

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Where to Start With Garage Organization?

Are you in need of a garage overhaul and don’t know where to begin? ?Tackle your garage organization dilemma by first designating “zones” within your garage. Assigning a purpose to each garage storage area such as outdoor gear, often used items, hobby station, etc. ?gives you a direction and a little bit of method to…

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Cool Colors for Your Garage Cabinets

  It’s amazing how color can transform a room. When we added garage cabinets to our line a few years back, I wanted to make sure that we had some very unique color choices. I looked for things that were unique and different and ways that we could make your garage stand out without having…

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Going With “Cheaper Garage Cabinets”

I got a call the other day to come out and look at garage for some garage cabinets. I got a real good learning experience and testimonial from someone who had decided to go with a cheaper garage cabinets about 5 years back. The cabinets were all raw particlboard interiors using cheap pinch hinges on…

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