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Fun & Creative Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Get more out your living space by creating storage in unexpected places or investing in convertible furniture such as a Murphy bed or a fold away desk. ?Especially clever storage solutions for small spaces are the built-in bookcases going up the stairwell and the makeshift mudroom with pull out coat and shoe storage. ?? Check…

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Closet Doctor Downsizes and Get Organized

After 4 years in our nationally recognized showroom showcasing closet organizers, garage cabinets, Murphy wall beds, and home office systems, The Closet Doctor has chosen to relocate the showroom to our production facility. This means that although we are a little harder to find, we can give every customer a tour of our state of…

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Veronica Webb Keeps Order

Browsing thru the news today I found this article on how a supermodel stays super organized. Veronica Webb Keeps Order

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Hiring the Right Contractor

Hiring someone to do work on your home? Whether it’s closet organizers, a kitchen remodel or a room addition, make sure you always do your homework. Is it really worth saving a buck and letting these guys in your home?

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Organization, Is It All Its Cracked Up to Be?

From time to time I run into people that give me a song and a dance on how staying organized is too hard and isn’t worth the effort. I agree with them to a point. It takes a certain amount of effort to stay organized in life, not just in your closet, garage, and home…

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