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Two Classic Kids’ Closets in Sacramento, CA

A previous customer of ours in the Sacramento area contacted us and wanted us to come out and put together a plan for their kids’ room organization, specifically closets for their kids. They needed something flexible that could grow with their kids, but also something sturdy that would last and not need to be replaced in a few years. The perfect solution was our Closet Doctor classic style, reach in, adjustable closet system. They selected white with our popular Rogue Square drawer fronts for a mix between simplicity and a classic look.


This customer said about this job: ?Your product, workmanship, and customer service are second to none. All aspects of your service are excellent. [I want to recognize] Wade for seeing our vision for the closets, Kevin for his excellent install, and the office staff for friendly communication?


Two great features that all of our closets, including our kids closet organizer, have are adjustability and a lifetime warranty. In kids closets, because kid?s hung clothes are smaller than adult sizes, you can fit much more vertically, but naturally as they get older their clothes will get bigger and their needs will change. You want a closet with adjustability to help you to take advantage of all the space at every stage. A Closet Doctor closet could even transition from baby through to teen or young adult. The hanging rods can easily be moved up or down, double hang sections can be changed to long hang, and shelves can easily be added or removed as needed. We even provide additional rods and shelves to our customers at no charge!

The second feature that is really important is a quality product with a warranty. Here at The Closet Doctor we believe in the quality of our products enough to offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products. Kids can be hard on things, and you don?t want to shell out good money on something that is going to fall apart or won?t be functional for their needs. We use industrial strength materials and we have developed fabrication and installation methods that will ensure you have the best quality closets for the best possible price. If you have any issue with your closet system, just give us a call and we will work with you to find a solution that solves the problem.

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