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Why Your Guest Bedroom Needs a Murphy Bed

The guests are on their way, and you have a very short amount of time to transform your guest bedroom into a place where someone could comfortably spend the night. Unfortunately, the guest bedroom is also the office, the workout room, and the junk room. Should you start by lugging the air mattress up from the basement, relocating the filing cabinet, or disassembling the Stairmaster? 

Wouldn’t hosting guests be a lot easier if you had a murphy bed installed and ready to go? These compact, space-saving solutions are the perfect way to add an extra room without adding an extra room! You don’t need to sacrifice your sewing room or your home office to welcome guests into a neat and comfortable space. 

At The Closet Doctor, we do more than create custom closet systems for customers in the Sacramento area. We’re also experts when it comes to other home organizational solutions, like installing murphy beds. Keep reading to learn about how a murphy bed can transform the way you utilize space in your home! 

More on Murphy Beds

We have officially entered the next iteration of “the roaring 20s.” Did you know that the murphy bed rose to popularity at the peak of The Jazz Age? Every flapper in town was looking to make space in their tiny tenement bedrooms so they could dance the charleston with room to spare! 

These types of beds have gone in and out of fashion since then, but a full century later, they are officially back in style! In Japan, murphy beds have become part of the design of efficient micro spaces, from studio apartments to capsule hotels. In the United States, the tiny home movement has made living small into a trendy lifestyle. 

You don’t need to move into a converted camper to take advantage of the murphy bed’s recent popularity, however! Homeowners with multiple bedrooms have been looking to the murphy bed as a contemporary solution for their organizational woes. 

Reclaim Your Space 

Perhaps you’re an empty-nester, and your home currently resembles a museum dedicated to your childrens’ teenage lifestyle. Maybe you have a guest room all set up and ready to go but only host visitors once in a blue moon. You might have even tried to reclaim one of the bedrooms in your home, only to find yourself with a mixed-up bedroom/exercise suite/home office full of clutter and potential. 

If this sounds like your situation, a murphy bed designed and installed by an organizing professional might be your perfect solution. 

Transform Your Empty Nest

If you’re a recent empty-nester, you might find yourself caught in a Catch-22. You want to make sure your adult children feel comfortable coming home and spending the night, but you don’t necessarily want to keep their childhood bedrooms intact. With The Closet Doctor, you can turn your children’s bedrooms into neat, multi-purpose spaces with comfortable beds where they will always be welcome to crash. 

Revitalize Your Lonely Guest Bedroom

Do you have a room in your home dedicated to hosting guests? Is the door shut most of the time? Do you have guests over often enough to dedicate an entire room in your home to that purpose?

If you install a murphy bed, you can keep your guest bedroom neatly tucked away into the wall while using your space for another purpose. It’s like gaining an entirely new room in your home without sacrificing your guest room! 

Reinvent Your All-Purpose Space

You might have already attempted to repurpose your underutilized guest room. Has that bulky, unused bed become a repository for old coats and out-of-season clothing? Even if you’ve assembled an exercise bike in there, imagine how much more room you would have if there wasn’t a giant bed taking up the majority of the space!

Tucking a murphy bed away frees up all of the room you need to declutter your extra bedroom. A clutter-free, harmonious space is more inviting, and far more likely to see some use!

What Can Your Extra Bedroom Become?

Once you’ve installed a murphy bed, your guest room becomes a blank canvas, waiting for your personal touch! If you’ve always dreamed of having a dedicated space for work or hobbies, this is the perfect opportunity.

Some of our customers have used the extra room to set up the following spaces:

  • Dedicated home office
  • Home gym or exercise room
  • Sewing room
  • Paper crafting room
  • Workshop 
  • Man cave or she-shed 
  • Home theatre 
  • Additional living room 

If you can dream it up, it can become a reality. The Closet Doctor will help you design a room you will not only use, but also love! 

How Do Consultations Work?

At The Closet Doctor, we make the process of murphy bed installing as simple as possible. We’re a locally owned company, and we’ll send one of our organizational and design professionals into your home to assess your space. Our goal is always to offer options that help the homeowner, never ourselves.

When one of our designers arrives, they’ll discuss everything from contracting to pricing to materials. The average consultation takes no longer than ninety minutes! Once you choose a date, we’ll install your new murphy bed in just three days, with no stress and no hassle. 

While we’re in your home, we’re happy to consult with you about our other services, including closet, pantry, and garage organization

Let the Closet Doctors Make Murphy Bed Magic

Your extra bedroom or guest bedroom is really a dream waiting to come true. When you let The Closet Doctors install the perfect murphy bed solution, you can gain the extra space that you deserve without sacrificing your guest room! You won’t have to dig out the pump for that air mattress ever again! 

The Closet Doctors does more than just murphy beds! We’re also a closet organizer company, known for our custom closet organizers and other solutions. Schedule an appointment today to get an on-the-spot design consultation from one of our professionals. 

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