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Each custom-designed closet is made to fit your organizational needs and to perfectly match your wardrobe with elegance and style. Click to learn more.
Our Murphy bed systems are ideal for pairing with a home office, giving you a highly functional dual-purpose space that can satisfy your needs without eating up valuable floor space. Click to learn more.
Murphy Beds
If your garage is disorganized, cluttered, and doesn't have enough room in it for things like your cars, give yourself a garage makeover. Click to learn more.
Our home office systems are custom-designed and built for your specific needs, allowing the maximum use of space and efficiency. Click to learn more.
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Custom Closet Organizers & Home Storage Solutions in Sacramento, CA

A common problem for many people is trying to make the best use of the space they have. Even a relatively large home can feel cluttered and disorganized if the right storage solutions aren’t in place. If you want to maximize the space you have available and make sure that it’s appropriate for the uses you have in mind, a custom closet, organized and furnished with suitable accessories, could be the perfect solution.

At The Closet Doctor, we specialize in home storage and organization solutions for homes in and around the Sacramento, California area. We design and install:

If you dream of a clutter-free home where everything has a place, The Closet Doctor has everything you need. Give us a call at 916-408-2666 or contact us online to get started today!

Custom Closet Design for Any Home

A large number of homeowners value the opportunity to have closets fitted that are designed and built to their exact specifications. We offer a full range of customized closets that can be tailored to suit any room in the home. Whether you occupy a smaller property and need to maximize your storage with minimal loss of floor space or have a larger home that needs an individual approach, our custom closet organizers provide the perfect solution.

Storage & Organization Systems for Home Offices, Garages, Guest Rooms & More

Does your home need organization help in more areas than just the closets? The Closet Doctor has the cure! Our storage and organization systems include but are not limited to:

  • Murphy wall beds: Murphy beds offer the perfect solution when you want to maximize the square footage in your home. Whether you want a dual-purpose home office and guest room or want to fold up your children’s beds during the day so they have plenty of room to play, wall beds are an excellent space-saving solution.
  • Home office organizers, cabinets, and storage solutions: Do you work from home on a regular basis? Finding a way to stay organized with all the files, electronic equipment, and supplies can be frustrating. Plus, when are you supposed to have time to organize when you’re working all day? Let The Closet Doctor help with custom home office solutions that work perfectly for your space, whether you have a large dedicated room or just a tiny nook.
  • Garage Cabinets, Slatwall panels, and organization solutions: Every homeowner wants a garage, but many of us end up wasting that space once we have it. With toys, cars, tools, junk, extra refrigerators, and more cluttering up the space, it’s tough to figure out how to organize everything. With some added cabinets, Slatwall panels for tools, and counter space for working, you’ll have the garage of your dreams in no time.
  • Custom entertainment centers: Are you a movie buff or video game collector? Do you need room for hundreds of DVDs, Blu-ray discs, video game consoles, and a giant flatscreen TV? We’ve got you covered.
  • Pantry organizers: We’ve all done it. You go to the grocery store and buy pasta, cereal, or bread just to come home, dig around in your pantry, and realize that you already had it. It was just buried among everything else and impossible to find. With our pantry organizers, every item has a place, so it’s easier to grab the essentials and know when you need to buy more (or not!).
  • Laundry room storage: Do you dream of having dedicated space to store your laundry essentials, a counter to fold clothes, and a rod to hang all your delicate items? We have the perfect solution for any laundry room, large or small.

Why Choose The Closet Doctor?

It’s true that storage is available as long as you know where to look and what to build. But for storage solutions provided by a team that is dedicated to custom solutions and client-focused results, you want to call on The Closet Doctor! We ensure our clients always get the value they deserve by offering premium products and friendly team members that put your wants and needs above all else.

When you call on the team at The Closet Doctor, you’ll always get:

  • Expertly designed custom products
  • An excellent customer experience, including friendly experts and design tips, and guidance
  • A lifetime warranty on all The Closet Doctor products
  • An award-winning service team (We were GuildQuality Guildmaster Award recipients in 2014 and Angie’s List Super Service Award recipients in 2013!)

Sacramento, CA Company Offering a Range of Organization & Storage Solutions

All of our closet organizer systems and home storage solutions are made using high-grade materials to a demanding build specification. With our systems priced far lower than you might imagine, we are the chosen provider for a great number of local homeowners.

Call us at 916-408-2666 to make an appointment today!

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