4 Reasons Your Closet Just Isn’t Working for You

Having a small closet does not have to doom you to a life of disorganization, here are 4 things to address in your closet to make sure that it is living up to its true potential.

1. Your closet needs a better organizer

If you only have a single rod and shelf set up in your closet, it is going to be difficult to organize the broad amount of items which are most often stored in a closet.

Take a look at the comparison below. The amount of storage that a single rod system provides is significantly less, and also?is lacking in functionality.







Every item that you need to store, from shirts to shoes to socks, need a place. You don’t have to have a huge budget to get a great organizer, depending on the size of your closet, your needs, and style, we can find a closet organizer that will work for you. We have our Quick ‘N Easy closet organizers which are a bit more simple in design, but still very functional, and our Classic Line of organizers that are a bit fancier and have a few more options and accessories. The benefit of custom closet organization is that one of our closet designers will come out to your home and put together a personalized design just for you that will fit your budget and your style.

2. You aren’t taking advantage of organization accessories

There are so many great accessories that you can include in your closet, lucite shelf dividers are super handy for piled clothing, purses, shoes, or other items on shelves.

Drawer dividers are also great for keeping drawers tidy, you can get dividers for socks, ties, or other smaller items.

You can also get jewelry organizers, they come in lucite?and felt.

Other great accessories are scarf, belt and tie hangers.

3. You keep everything

This is one of those things that almost everyone struggles with. What do you keep and what should you toss? You aren’t going to be able to organize your closet effectively if you have too much stuff, so go through your items and give away anything you haven’t worn in the last few months and won’t wear within the next.

There are some great ideas and tips on how to get rid of your extra things in our blog: How to Get Organized When You’re Feeling Sentimental about your Clutter and 6 Creative Ways To Organize Your Closet.

4. Your give away pile is never given away

If you’ve gone to the effort of sorting out items that you don’t need any longer, make sure you actually get rid of them. There are many easy and convenient places you can drop off your items, there are even companies that will come pick up your donations for free from your doorstep.

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