4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Garage

The garage ends up often being one of the most forgotten and neglected areas of our homes. Since our guests rarely see it, it?s easy to let it go. But when your garage isn’t organized and functional, you will end up losing valuable time searching for things that could have been easily accessible. It’s also hard to organize a space that just isn’t very functional. Our garages can be fabulous areas for us to store things, work on projects, and more, we just need to make sure they live up to their potential.

Here at The Closet Doctor, garage organization is one of our fortes and we have a great selection of very practical, shelving, cabinet, workbench, storage, and organization options to help get your garage organized, but beyond just the bones of your garage organization, here are 4 tips to get the most out of your garage.

Hang Items with Slatwall

Take advantage of limited space by doing hanging storage on your walls. From shovels, ladders, tools to bikes, hanging items on your wall can be a fabulous use of space. Our favorite type of wall storage is slatwall.

With slatwall, the possibilities are endless, you can hang almost anything, from a bike to a shelf. There are many accessories you can use to meet whatever your needs may be. The great thing is that everything is movable, so if you find your configuration isn’t working well for you, it just takes a moment to switch it around.

There are also a great selection of fixed hooks and such that can be installed directly to your wall. One of these that is a favorite around here, is our Ultrahold storage hooks.

They operate easily with just one hand.

Another favorite is our Magnetic Tool Bar that snaps into slatwall.

It’s another easy-to-use tool and helps keep clutter under control in the garage.

Prioritize your needs

Your garage should work for you. Take some time to really think out your organization, what do you use most. Are you often doing DIY projects in your home? If so, prioritizing a good space in your garage for your tools and supplies should probably be on the top of your list.

In contrast, if you’re not all that handy, but are constantly using your sporting equipment, you may want to make sure that it is very accessible and well organized. There is no right answer to this, it really is unique and all depends on what you use, what you do, and your own style.

Designate zones

This helps immensely in being able to find things fast. You don’t necessarily need a super-specific place for each and every item, but it will help save a lot of time if things are in designated zones or areas. Group things together by type or by what they will be used for.

For example, it is helpful to have things like your extra paper towels and household items all in one area, then another area where you keep all your tools and things for fixing items around your home. Sports supplies can also all group together. This way you don’t have to spend all day searching every cabinet for the right tool, you just have to search one area for it.

Don’t be afraid to toss

If you haven’t used something in a couple of years, chances are you’re not going to miss it. Extra items just cause clutter and result in wasted time. Imagine you’re looking for a certain tool, well if searching for that tool includes moving sports equipment you haven’t used in 2 years, and boxes of Christmas decorations that haven’t been used for 4 years, that’s precious time wasted on items you really don’t need lingering around.

If you would like to get the help of one of our designers to get some fabulously functional organization going in your garage, we’re here and happy to help with our free in-home design consultations. From Garage organizers to slatwall, we’re here to help!

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