Wall Beds: Once a Thing of the Past

Wall beds were once a thing of the past, created in the early 1900’s, they are now making a very popular comeback. The wall bed was invented by William Lawrence Murphy whom resided in San Francisco, California, a city that, at the time, was just as jam-packed and vibrant as we know it today. Murphy beds were than created and used in small homes, apartments, hotels, dormitories, as well as many other areas in need of effective space utilization.

These days, as families are getting larger and houses are getting smaller the economical approach, rather than moving, is to enhance your home with a wall bed. Wall beds can also be used by empty nesters that have their children or grandchildren come to visit, but don’t need a bed taking up all that extra space when their guests leave.

Beginning in the 1970’s, recession after recession began plaguing countries and people worldwide. As recessions continue to affect us it has in turn made many people make the decision to remain where they are rather than moving out when space gets a little tight.

These days, wall beds are much more than just a space saving device, they are a beautiful piece of furniture and nothing less than a work of art. At The Closet Doctor we take your visions and bring them to life, whether it is just a wall bed or a complete home office with an incorporated wall bed, the sky’s the limit.

Just imagine a home office that is completely organized for work and when you have guests serves as a completely functional guest room. Or a wall bed with two side bookshelves for displaying art, books, accessories, or any other little trinket you may have picked up along the way.

If saving and utilizing space is something that’s on your list of “things to do” to get yourself organized , than a wall bed just might be your answer.

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