Closet Doctor Downsizes and Get Organized

After 4 years in our nationally recognized showroom showcasing closet organizers, garage cabinets, Murphy wall beds, and home office systems, The Closet Doctor has chosen to relocate the showroom to our production facility. This means that although we are a little harder to find, we can give every customer a tour of our state of the art production facility for closets, garage cabinets Murphy wall beds and home office systems. We have successfully added an additional showroom space and have 3 separate closet displays and a very nice display of our garage cabinets. Currently we are using our portable Murphy Wall bed displays that we utilize for home shows. We will have permanent Murphy wall bed displays completed shortly, including a beautiful Cherry Wood Queen size bed in a glazed finish with the latest in energy efficient lighting.

This move has also forced us to take some of our own advice. Our next project for our showroom is to completely redo our front office, built about 8 years ago with some very basic shelves and desks. This office will utilize all the latest materials and designs that we are currently offering to our home office clients. The design will be feature rich, including monitor arms for multiple monitors, enclosed cabinets with ventilation for our computers and under cabinet lighting.

Please give us a call and schedule a private tour of the facility and see how The Closet Doctor has become more organized.

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