Embracing Minimalism in Your Rocklin Closets

This week we wanted to talk about how to embrace minimalism around your home. This week we?re focusing on 4 tips on how to take advantage of some of the great ideas behind minimalism, specifically in your Rocklin closets.

As time has gone by, here at The Closet Doctor we?ve discovered the saying ?less is more? really is true. Keeping the amount of ?stuff? in your closet at bay will almost always result in a more organized, easier to navigate and clean, closet.

Tip #1: Learn how to live with fewer pieces of clothing

Often it seems we have the attitude that we need more and more clothes, why not fill that master closet up? a unique perfect item for each unique situation, but this isn?t really the case. Learn to live the idea that one is all you need. You don?t need 5 bathing suits, 4 different black dresses, a multitude of belts, etc. You really only need to have a few staple items in your closet, and then various accent pieces to go along, and from there you have almost limitless options.

Tip #2: Dial down your closet to contain only items that coordinate

This goes hand in hand with tip #1. For example, if you work in an office environment, you can easily get by with only 2-3 different pairs of dressy bottoms, and then a few blazers, sweaters, or jackets, and then combine that with a few neutral tops and a few accent tops. If most of your items coordinate and can work together, you can easily get weeks? worth of clothing out of just a few different pieces worn in different combinations. The same simple black dress could be worn multiple times and look completely different based upon what it is paired with, a cardigan, a scarf, a large necklace, or a blazer, each give the outfit a completely different look and feel.

Tip #3: Minimize the color palette of your closet

Find the colors that look best on you, then narrow it down and try to build a wardrobe of similar colors that all coordinate. You don?t need a rainbow of clothing, certain colors look best on certain people, so find what suits you, then build off of that.

Tip #4: Get comfortable donating your unused clothing

As you purchase new items, try to embrace the one in, one out method. If you get something new, try to get rid of something old. If you have the ability to purchase something new, you have the ability to let go of something old.

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