Flat, Tilted, Or Cubbies? The Closet Doctor’s Solution for Shoe Storage

When designing custom closet organizers for people, I frequently get asked the question “what is the best way to deal with my shoe storage?” ?So let me share with you The Closet Doctor’s perspective on the three most popular shoe storage methods:

The Tilted Shelf

Most people envision shoe storage to be like what they’ve seen in a fancy closet or a retail store, where the shoes are placed on a tilted shelf. ?These types of shelves work great, but they are a little more expensive due to the shoe fence that they require to prevent the shoes from slipping. ?Also, with the tilted shelves you usually give up a shelf or two because of the tilt. My view on the tilted shelves is they should only be used for shoes that you’d like to showcase, otherwise they just simply aren’t the best use of space.

The Cubbie

Another option for shoe storage that comes up a lot is the cubbie. ?Most cubbies that I have seen over the years are 4″ X 4″, which require you to squish and stuff your shoes into them. You can get a fair amount of pairs of shoes into a space, but your shoes will not be visible and it’s also not the best way to care for your shoes.

Flat Shelves

At The Closet Doctor,? we like a simple flat adjustable shelf for shoe storage for our closet organizers. Depending on the amount of shoes you have to store and the available space in the closet, we can do adjustable shoe shelves that will hold between 2 and 6 pairs of shoes. I recommend storing like sized shoes on each shelf and adjusting the shelf above the shoes with about 1″ of clearance. In this configuration we can get between 10 to 15 shelves in a section and store all of your shoes neatly and organized.

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