Houzz: From Home Improvement Inspiration to Installation

Have you heard about the fastest growing website for all things home improvement, remodeling, and design?

Similar to?pinterest?but more professional and geared entirely towards home improvement & design,?Houzz?is applying technology to a previously?primitive?industry. ?The site not only provides photographic inspiration for custom home organization, remodeling, and design projects, but helps streamline the entire process of home improvement from ideas to installation.

Content can be filtered by room, style, location, and saved to?ideabooks. ?You’re also able to view portfolios, read reviews, and get connected with design professionals in your area. ?With over 8 million design photos of?luxury closets,?murphy?wall beds,?custom home offices, and more,?Houzz?is the perfect resource for homeowners looking to customize or style their homes.
Check out Houzz and The Closet’s Doctor’s profile here:

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