How to Gain More Space in Your Rocklin Home with a Murphy Bed Design

Do you wish your house had more square footage? We don?t know many who don?t! Did you know that you can get more square footage without having to go to the hassle and huge cost of finding a new home, or doing additions to your existing home?

There are actually many ways to increase the usable square footage in your home, this week we?ll be showing you how to get more with a Murphy bed. If you have a guestroom in your home, you could be wasting valuable space for a room that most people only use a few weeks out of the year.

In the Sacramento area, the average home price is $199 per square foot and most queen sized beds take up about 34 square feet. That is close to $7000 of your home that is only usable a few weeks a year, and that?s only the bed! If the room is not big enough to utilize for other things when there is a bed in it, as most guest rooms are not, then you are not only wasting the space the bed takes up, but the whole room. With most guestrooms averaging around 150 sf, that is about $30,000 of space in your home that you can?t use! So how do you reclaim that space? A Murphy bed is a great answer.

Our queen sized Murphy bed only takes up 7 square feet, and with prices starting as low as $1895, you can reclaim a large amount of space in your home and better utilize it, for a relatively small investment. If you compare the price of getting more usable space in your own home to moving to a larger home, it actually is quite cost effective! If you want to take a look at more of our Murphy bed prices, go here to see different layouts, how much they cost, and more info on wall bed prices.

Getting a Rocklin Murphy bed in your home is simple and easy. Our professional designers will guide you through the Murphy bed design process to help you custom design the perfect wall bed for your space. They can even design gorgeous custom home offices as well. Then our team of professional installers will come and put it all together for you with white glove service, leaving your house at least as sparkling as they found it.

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