Organization, Is It All Its Cracked Up to Be?

From time to time I run into people that give me a song and a dance on how staying organized is too hard and isn’t worth the effort. I agree with them to a point. It takes a certain amount of effort to stay organized in life, not just in your closet, garage, and home office but in everything you do. Your clothes won’t magically pull themselves up off the floor, fold themselves and jump onto the shelf if you put in custom closet organizers. You still have to put in the effort, but it takes a lot less effort to stay organized than it does to live in constant clutter.

What custom closet organizers will give you though is a?system of how to put your “stuff” away. When your shoes have a spot on the shelf just for them as opposed to in a pile on the floor, you know where they are when you need them and most importantly where to put them when you are done. Now imagine everything in your closet having a space that is just for that item. With very little effort your closet will stay nice and organized.

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