Textured Melamine – Now Trending in Home Design!

There is a new style trending in home design for those who appreciate a more contemporary and sophisticated look.? Melamine, which?has come a long way over the years, has recently expanded its options to include a fresh new 3D textured finish. Now, not only does melamine have the ability to look just like real wood, it FEELS like real wood.? This amazing textured material is being used for custom home organization everywhere and in every room; from closets, to home offices, to kitchens, you name it.

Unfortunately though, melamine typically gets a bad rap and is often labeled as a low quality or ?cheap? material because it reminds people of a flimsy piece of furniture you might purchase at a Walmart.? On the contrary, for custom home organization projects, this material offers many benefits that wood products do not. ?In addition to the fact that melamine has a more durable, longer lasting, and easier to maintain finish, it is also about half the price of real wood.

So what is melamine exactly? Melamine is an ultra-thin sheet of paper, printed with color and pattern, then saturated with resin. The sheet is then thermally fused to a substrate material of industrial grade particleboard or MDF (medium-density fiberboard). This permanently bonds the paper to the board, providing a seamless integration of pattern and color.

For more information and a firsthand look at the many melamine options, including the new textured finishes, that are available for your custom home design needs, feel free to stop by our showroom at?107 Flocchini Circle #200 in Lincoln, CA.

*Photos Courtesy of?http://www.valetcustom.com/products/home-offices/textured-melamine-custom-designs

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