The Pantry: An Important, Yet Forgotten, Part of the Kitchen

One part of the kitchen that seems to get forgotten often is the pantry. Even though most people seem to think that the pantry is “just a place to store food” it can actually serve a much greater purpose if utilized correctly. Not only does it have to store your boxed and canned foods, it can be used as a place to store small appliances; fruits; vegetables; utensils; extra bowls and plates, etc…

Just as a closet can be designed and / or customized to suit your needs, so can a pantry. A pantry doesn’t have to just contain a countless number of shelves; it can also include baskets; wine racks; herb and spice racks; pot and pan racks, as well as many other upgrades and customizations.


How nice would it be to have your food, appliances, and additional serveware displayed in an organized fashion? Just think of all the food that goes to waste hiding behind other items and how nice it would be to know where that certain item you’re looking for is when you need it and not days, weeks, or even months down the road when you have already given up looking for it.

An organized pantry can definitely be the perfect solution for not only the most accomplished chef, but for the unsophisticated cook as well.

So, if you’re ready to take the next step in organizing and completing your kitchen, give The Closet Doctor a call for your free in-home estimate on your pantry 916-645-2666.

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