Tips for an Awesomely Organized Kids Closet

When it comes to typical closets, they are not usually designed with a kid in mind. ?Most often consisting of a single rod about 5-6 feet high, standard closet systems are just not very user friendly for someone of about 3 feet tall. ?In addition, because the amount of space needed for a child’s hanging clothes is usually pretty small, there is often a ?large amount of space below what is often wasted or cluttered with piles of shoes and miscellaneous items.

In order to maximize the amount of usable space and provide easier access for your child, investing in a custom closet organizer that is adjustable and can grow with your child is the best route to go.

Here are some characteristics of an awesomely organized kids closet:


Since kids socks, shirts, pants, etc. are so small, using smaller drawers in your closet organizer keeps everything more tidy. As opposed to larger drawers where you’d have to pile in stacks and stacks of soon to be jumbled clothes in order to maximize the usage of its space.


Cubbies and see-through or labeled storage bins are also great for kids closet systems because they allow them to easily find items without making a mess and put items away. ?Make sure to store the items that our most often used lower in the closet for easier access also.


The amount of children’s clothes that needs to be hung up is usually pretty minimal. ?In addition, it’s a lot easier for a child to put away folded clothes on shelves than to fiddle with hangers.


Labels are a MUST for kids closets, especially for younger children. ?Labels allow kids to easily locate items and also remember where they go when it’s time to put things away in their closet organizers. ?Labels?can be used to identify who’s is who’s in a shared closet. ?They can even be used to help a just learning to read child relate items to words with the use of pictures on the labels.

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