New Years Resolutions: A Clean Closet

It’s January 1, and we all know what that means, a fresh start and resolutions for the new year. This year one of my new years resolutions is to have a clean and organized closet!

We often?waste a lot of time sifting through clothing and digging through drawers when getting ready for our day. When you add it up though, those?6-7?minutes you spend?searching for the right thing to wear amounts to a full work week’s worth of hours in a year! What a waste! Not only that, it can be stressful when the clock is ticking and you can’t find what you’re looking for and you’re risking being late for work.

So to help you get organized this new year, here are a few ideas to help with clutter?and frustration of your unorganized?closet:

1- Edit your wardrobe
Go through and find items that you haven’t worn in the last year. ?Be honest with yourself, do you really need it? Will you wear it again???Do the same with your shoes and accessories.

2-?Use the right organization products
An excellent closet organizer can work wonders in giving you usable space and storage for your wardrobe. It’s hard to stay organized if you don’t have a cohesive place to store your clothing. You don’t have to break the bank getting your own custom?closet organizers, The Closet Doctor is?able to custom a closet to meet your budget & needs.

For more information on pricing, check out our “How Much Does It Cost” page (all prices include tax & installation!).

3- Organize those accessories

Accessories can often seem small and insignificant, but they can really create a big mess if you don’t have the proper tools to organize them. We offer?many options for accessory?storage, most of which are on display here at our showroom.

You can also check out?the?closet accessories that we offer & purchase them straight from our online store?and have accesories either shipped to you or you can pick them up at our showroom.

In addition, all of our closets come with a lifetime warranty, and are completely custom to meet every need you might have. You can check out our website for closet organization ideas

Having a clean and organized closet will not only save you time, but will help you start the day with a clear mind.

If you’re interested in getting your closet more organized, check out our many designs on your website here.

We would love to help you with your closet design, we?provide free in home estimates, so feel free to click below to request an appointment, call us at 916-645-2666, or stop by our showroom at 107 Flocchini Cir in Lincoln.

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