3 Reasons Why a Murphy Bed Is a Great Choice for Your Rocklin Home

Many people assume wall beds are a thing of the past, but the truth is they are actually still really popular to this day and they have come a long way! Below we’ll address 3 reasons why wall beds are a great choice for your Rocklin home.

Wall beds give you a beautiful room without having to lose the bed

Our wall beds come in a range of styles and design choices. There are many different sizes, woodgrains, finishes, and door style options to choose from. There is something to match almost any home and style. Not only that, having the bed up on the wall within a cabinet, gives you the freedom of having a room and style that is not distracted by a bed in the middle of the room.

They are simple and easy to use

A Murphy wall bed is so easy to use, you can easily open and close them with little effort. When our professional installers install your Murphy bed, they will take the time to perfectly adjust it to balance with your mattress so that it will be easy to open and close. Another great thing about Murphy beds is that you can leave them made, provided the bedding is not too bulky, and close it up into the wall in just a matter of seconds.

They create a perfect multi-functional space

Wall beds are perfect for a room that you want to be able to use on a regular basis as something like a sitting room, craft room, or home office, but still, need the option of keeping it a bedroom or a guestroom. You can even put a Murphy bed within an entertainment center and have it as part of an entertainment or TV room. The most popular option is for a home office or craft room and Murphy bed combination as this gives a great practical use of the room, without having to give up having a guestroom in your home.

If you would like to get more information on what Murphy bed options would be best for us, call or come by our showroom.

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