$300 Bucks to Clean Out Your Closet!

For the last 15 years I have been helping people get their spaces organized. Closets, garages, and recently the home office. I’m kind of an oxymoron , in that I am far from an organized person, yet I sell organization for a living. Heck, my wife can’t even get me to put my clothes away. Recently she went on strike and instead of putting my clothes away in our beautiful closet organizers, she would kindly wash and fold them, then leave them on the bench at the end of the bed. I know I’m lucky she does it at all but, I caught on to what she was doing so I started a counter protest and let them pile up. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and gave in. Instead of just putting my clothes away, I decided to follow the advice I give to so many of my clients. Throw it out! Most closets that I see are full of stuff nobody needs or wants but they hang onto it because…………….. My advice is you can keep it if… you love it, need it or it makes you money.

Funny thing is as I am going through this stuff, I start finding money! So I get serious about this, and empty out the my change pot. My kids get in on it and it turns out My wife has a drawer in her closet organizer that double as a piggy bank. we empty it out and load all this spare change into several ziplock bags. They are all too heavy to carry so we put them in my pull-out laundry basket and head down to the local store that has a coinstar machine and start dumping. About 15 minutes later the machine spits out our total…………over $370 in change.

So in no time flat, I went through my closet, adjusted a few shelves, got it organized, donated a few items and pocketed over $300 bucks for my efforts. I guess it pays to be organized.

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