Going With “Cheaper Garage Cabinets”

I got a call the other day to come out and look at garage for some garage cabinets. I got a real good learning experience and testimonial from someone who had decided to go with a cheaper garage cabinets about 5 years back. The cabinets were all raw particlboard interiors using cheap pinch hinges on the doors.After only a few years these garge cabinets were nothing but JUNK. What a total waste of money for her as now she had to replace them with garage cabinets that would last. All the pinch hinges had broken out (see pics.), the shelves were all sagging and the raw particleboard was falling apart and heavily stained.Several areas of the garage cabinets were poorly built and had broken out. We replaced all of them with our premium garage cabinets. You only want to buy garage cabinets that are finished inside and out with quality materials. In the long run the cheap garage cabinets didn’t last and needed to be rpelace, costing more than twice as much in the long run. Remember that the bitterness of poor qulaity lasts longer than the sweetness of a low price.

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