6 Things to Keep in Mind When You’re Storing Your Seasonal Clothing

Spring has sprung and the change of seasons is a great opportunity to refresh and revitalize our closets. As you find yourself packing away winter clothing, here are a few tips to keep in mind

  1. Reduce

Everything will go much faster if you have less clothing to actually store. Take this time that you are spending putting everything away to also sort and decide what you just really don?t need anymore.

  1. Wash everything!

When storing away your things, they need to be left as clean as possible. Wash the things you can do yourself, and send the rest to the cleaners, or if you are up for it, send it all to the cleaners. The one caveat is that anything returning from the dry cleaners needs to be removed from its plastic before you store it.

  1. Prevent moths and pests

If you?re already going to the hassle of sorting and storing away all your winter items, take the extra minute to make sure that moths and other pests will be leaving your special clothing alone. Try to avoid moth balls as they are toxic and stinky, other great options that are just as effective are cedar blocks or dried lavender pouches. These will keep your clothes pest free and leave them with a nice scent.

  1. Avoid storing things on hangers if possible

Store your items in bins if you can, avoid hangers, especially wire hangers, as hanging clothes for months can distort them. Also avoid using cardboard, it creates an easy in for vermin and pests, in fact some insects like silverfish like to live in cardboard, so do your clothing a favor and invest in a few plastic bins for your seasonal clothing. If you must hang some of your clothing, a few things you should not hang are knits and sweaters, as they fare the worst being stored hung.

  1. Keep your favorites accessible

When you?re storing things away, make sure to leave the items that you like the most near the top of your bins. You?ll want to have them in a place that is easy to get to, especially when the seasons start turning, if you are wanting to pull out just a few items without getting all your gear out at once.

  1. Check up

Now this is really important, make sure you check in on your clothes periodically. Make sure water, bugs or anything else is not getting to your clothing, it will be easier to salvage if you discover an issue after just a month or so, rather than 6 months of moldy clothing.

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