Small Room with No Closet? No Problem!

It’s fairly common for homes to have atleast one room that feels almost unusable. So what do you do with a small room with no closet? It might feel hard to make into a functional bedroom, but It is doable. You really are limited if you would like a typical bed in the room, but here at The Closet Doctor, we have solutions!

One of the best solutions for a small room that you would like to have a bed in, is a Murphy bed. It utilizes vertical space, while still being a beautiful piece of furniture within your home. Often we have a hard time using vertical space in our homes, but it is one of the?most effecient?solutions for making the best use of your space.

Below is a great design we did with built in wardrobes and a wall?bed. This design when all closed up, only takes up 24 inches of your room, but provides a fabulous storage solution for a room with no closet, and also bed too without making your room feel cramped!

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