Murphy Beds Can Be Stylish Too

Adding a Murphy bed to your room does not have to take away from the design aesthetic?of your home. In fact it can actually add to the beauty of your home. It’s a somewhat common misconception that wall beds are outdated and unstylish additions to a home, but that just is not the truth! Here at The Closet Doctor, we custom design every single Murphy bed that we install, and the design options are almost endless. Below are two designs that we did for customers, both are unique beautiful additions to their homes.

The first is a set of twin Murphy beds with door fronts?that give the illusion of cabinetry. The side cabinets are fully functional though, and it is complete with in cabinet lighting. This would be the perfect room for twins, siblings, a guestroom for grandkids, or even a single child’s room with an extra bed for friends.

The second is a lux in home office/library, complete with its own wet bar, adding a Murphy bed into this office only added to the gorgeous design of the room. In fact, can you even spot it?

Both this and the previous design are great because instead of just looking like a bed on a wall, they look like stylish in home cabinetry.

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