6 Ways to Organize Your Rocklin Closets Without Getting Overwhelmed

It’s easy to get overwhelmed?by trying to clean out your Rocklin closets, but you don’t have to do it all at once, and you don’t have to get overwhelmed. Closet organization doesn’t have to be torture, it can be done step by step, day by day. Below are 6 methods you can use to work towards having a neat and organized closet.

Between all these closet organization ideas and methods, you can mix and match some of them, and choose what works best for you.

1. The Multicolored Hanger Method

There are a few ways you can do this method, the simplest?way is to purchase a few sets of hangers in different colors. You can do dark wood and light wood, or few different plastic hanger colors. In my closet I have a set of white hangers and a set of black hangers, and then a couple other colors. Every time the seasons change, I switch colors. But I ‘?rehang everything, I simply hang items that have been worn and washed and are being rehung on the new color. This method is useful because you can see what clothing you haven’t touched for a few?months or more. For example, every time you switch, everything?that is two colors behind, you know you haven’t touched for at least?a few months, this helps you visualize what you have or have not been using. It makes purging items that you just ‘?wear very much from your closet?just a little bit easier.

2.?One in One Out Method

So this method is great for keeping your closet from getting too crowded, and the bonus is that it is very simple. For every new item you purchase, you must get rid of one item that is already in your closet. So for example, if you buy a new pair of jeans, go into your jean collection and find the pair that you like the least, fits poorly, or is worn out, and donate it. This will keep your closet under control.

3. Tags On Method

This is another way to help you find things that you just don’t wear. When you purchase new items, rather than removing the tag immediately, leave the tag on until you wear it. there?are always some items that we buy and never wear. A bonus with leaving the tags on, is that if you find you haven’t worn it and the tag is still attached, you can often return it to the store for a credit, or you can sell your items more easily online or through other ways.

4. The Ribbon Method

The ribbon method is similar to the colored hanger method to organize your closet. The main difference though is that it is little more simple and it does not require you to purchase anything except a piece of ribbon. All you need is a ribbon, you tie it around your hanging rod and then after you wear and item and rehang it, put it on the other side of the ribbon. If you keep track of when you put the ribbon up, you can see clearly how long it has been since the clothes on the other side of the ribbon have been worn. This again helps in paring down your wardrobe because you can see the items that you just ‘?wear very much.

?5. Limbo Method

So even if you do the ribbon, colored hanger, or one in one out method, sometimes it is hard to let go of?the?items, regardless of knowing that you just ‘?wear them or need them all that much. So one fabulous way to help soften the blow of getting rid of these items is to pack them away into bins. I have a bin in my closet that I call my limbo bin. It is where I put every item that I just don’t?wear much, but I can’t get the courage to donate just yet. Every couple months I go through my limbo bin and it is easy to see that you’ve survived without that item for a few months, and you can survive without it at all.

6. The Hanger Limit Method

The hanger limit method is easy and simple, and is quite similar to the one in and one out method. How it works is you decide how many hangers you will have in your closet, and then you stick to it! Once you run out of hangers to hang things on, whenever a new item comes into your closet, you’ll have to find something to get rid of in order to make space for it. At times you’ll may?go through phases of having lots of extra hangers, and at other times you’ll probably find you never feel like you have enough, but that is good to help you keep the quantity of items in your closet under control.

Now that you have a few methods to help you get and keep your closet organized, the question is, do you have a great closet for you to organize within?

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