Garage Slatwall – Basic Accessory Kit




This kit contains all your basic needs to get started on utilizing your slatwall in your garage. Each item attaches to slatwall to help with your garage organization. Slatwall and slatwall accessories are an excellent choice for utilizing unused wall space in your garage without taking up as much room as a custom organization cabinets as well as being more cost effective than even cheap cabinets.


1 x 24″ Tool Bar
2 x 4″ Double Hook
1 x 8″ Double Hook
1 x 4″ Loop Hook
1 x 6″ J Hook
1 x 8″ Loop Hook
1 x 8×12″ Basket
1 x 12×24″ Basket
3 x 1″ Snap Hooks
6 x 4″ Snap Hooks