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Organization, Is It All Its Cracked Up to Be?

From time to time I run into people that give me a song and a dance on how staying organized is too hard and isn’t worth the effort. I agree with them to a point. It takes a certain amount of effort to stay organized in life, not just in your closet, garage, and home…

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Amazing Murphy Wall Bed

Check out the latest and greatest in Murphy Wall Beds from The Closet Doctor. Not only is it a queen size bed that folds up into a cabinet that is only 16″ deep, We have added a table that folds down out of the front of the bed! You can go from home office to…

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Going With “Cheaper Garage Cabinets”

I got a call the other day to come out and look at garage for some garage cabinets. I got a real good learning experience and testimonial from someone who had decided to go with a cheaper garage cabinets about 5 years back. The cabinets were all raw particlboard interiors using cheap pinch hinges on…

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$300 Bucks to Clean Out Your Closet!

For the last 15 years I have been helping people get their spaces organized. Closets, garages, and recently the home office. I’m kind of an oxymoron , in that I am far from an organized person, yet I sell organization for a living. Heck, my wife can’t even get me to put my clothes away….

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